The Rise of Female Music Executives in Africa

The leaders of the new wave in Zambia are being managed by two strong women, Lin Pyrie and Emma Rose who are both creatives in their own right with their own individual YouTube channels creatively expressing their lives to educate and entertain. The two female powerhouses have partnered up with Penzaboy Management to run their music label in Zambia, making their management team 100% women lead team, taking charge of Zambia’s music industry to promote and market it to international markets to grow their artists’ global audience.

Emma Rose- PR manager

Emma Rose is the Promotional Manager (PR Manager) at Penzaboy Management who’s in charge of the PR division which oversees maintaining a network of music industry contacts, including journalists and editors of music magazines, newspaper music and arts sections, and music websites. Deciding where to concentrate publicity efforts for an album launch, concert or other music venture, while preparing and circulating press releases, artist biographies and promotional material. Her ultimate goal is marketing and promoting her artist’s on the music label to international markets via strategic partnerships with other brands to grow the artist global audience to gain international stardom.

Emma Rose said; International women’s day is a time to celebrate the women in your life and all across the globe. It’s a time to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments and to appreciate them. It’s important to celebrate women’s day to recognize and appreciate the women around you, especially as women are often overlooked or looked down upon.

Lyn Pyrie- PR manager

Lin Pyrie is the artists and repertoire (A&R) manager at Penzaboy Management, who is responsible for searching for new talent, negotiating with and signing promising new artists, and guiding said artists’ careers while they’re signed to Penzaboy Management in Zambia. A&R (Zambia) division of Penzaboy Management oversees the music style and recording process. This includes helping the artist to find the right record producer, scheduling time in a recording studio and advising the artist on all aspects of making a high-quality recording. Much of the work revolves around planning and strategizing to improve artists’ careers, navigating music industry politics, and cultivating external connections with managers, producers, music video directors, music journalists, music supervisors, and other potential sources of collaboration, guidance, or exposure. They work with the artist to choose the best songs (i.e., repertoire) to record. For artists who do not write their music, the A&R person will assist in finding songs, songwriters, and arrangers. A&R staff will help find session musicians for the recording.

Lin Pyrie said; International women’s day to me is to celebrate all women’s struggles and wins and for women around the world to come together, to support each other. It’s a time to recognise female trailblazers and women in general, to agitate for political change, to connect with women’s history and to take action. It’s important to celebrate international women’s day to inspire and remind young girls and women that they can accomplish anything and also it’s vital to recognize the legacy of women’s struggle for equality.

Penzaboy Management (UK) HQ; As we promote gender equality in the workplace, we are happy and honoured to have these two amazing women being our partners and taking charge of our business interests in Zambia as they become the pioneers of taking Zambia’s music industry into international markets for global stardom that the country has never seen before since the era of ZamRock. They play a very important role and we can’t wait to see their success stories out of Zambia.

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